The Murderer from the Beginning

- Comp by Toni Piispanen, Lyrics by Harri Lapinoja -

Cruelty and oppression in our forlorn situation
Suicide is evolution for the better of mankind

Another fatal virus in our blood
sensoric depravation for our minds to restart

Genocide of humankind by every sigle murder
forbidding ancient science to dictate our norms

Epidemic rage and frenzy among men
Twisting and stretching in mortal demand

In crossroads of wars we reach for the stars
Expecting demission let incursion to start

The urges of throng, were carried on
All sense disappeare, overwhelmed by fear
Surrounded by lies our repentance turns to vice

Researching the doom, we are bound by this gloom
without resurrection sealed inside our tomb

Vessel of putrefaction
Dreadful deceit and grime
The essence of decay brought by manifesting nightmare

Prepare for the mutilation
Plague by motiveless crime
The essence of evil infesting for decline

Murderer without conscience
Conduit for inner rage
The essence of hate from cradle to grave

When our time was to born
We wished to be unborn
Ever resting in peace without chaos of this life
shrouding ourselves in misery

Waiting and yearning for miracle of our death
Fleeing and burning for what birth we lived?
Our effords are fading like shadows in the dark
Relentlessly searching and gazing for the spark

The beauty in murder, a myriad self-display
Discover dark secrets for your personal gain
Deformed by violence, the order of the day
Possession, Confusion, revealing delusion
- far above all! We are ready for more!

2015 © Immergo. All Rights Reserved.