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30.7.2015 Immergo looking for a new vocalist (=growlist)
Johanna Miettinen has left Immergo for personal reasons. We thank her for great growls and performances on stage and wish all the best in future! So.. can you growl? Wanna be the interpreter in our forthcoming album? We are looking for someone who can fill a club with hate, rage and sorrow. Contact us via facebook or /,,/

10.2.2015 Johanna Miettinen joins Immergo
We are pleased to inform you that Johanna Miettinen joins Immergo.

Johanna has taken care of the growling duties at live shows since autumn 2013 and joins now Immergo as a full member.

1.1.2015 Happy New Year!
Immergo thanks all of you for the year 2014, it was a great year. Let's make the new year even better!

7.9.2014 New gigs ahead
Immergo participates to DUNGEON ESCAPE TOUR 2014 which includes three gigs in Finland: Tampere, Helsinki and Turku. Tour dates and more info in SHOWS!

Immergo also combines forces with black metal band Triconus in December, keep tuned!

12.6.2014 Physical Copy is OUT!
Finally the physical copy of our debut album "Sunken World" is ready to be shipped world wide. So click the picture above, click the store link or go to Immergo Store to order your copy including an 8-page booklet.

23.11.2013 New Logo
Immergo got a new logo! This masterpiece is done by Morkner, check out also his other work in deviantART

23.11.2013 Live dates
New live date announced! 8.2.2014 Immergo will join the forces again with Shade Empire and Tuomas Saukkonen's new band Wolfheart at Klubi, Turku

2.11.2013 Bad News
Immergo has decided to continue without our lead singer due to musical disagreements.

Of course events like this are always unfortunate, and the band will never be the same again. However this is for the better of the band and continuing in making killer music. We do not wish to publish details that led to this decision due to privacy issues, but you can trust us when we say that this is definitely the right decision.

1.11.2013 Gig Ahoy
Gig upcoming! 14.11. Immergo will be at Academic Heavy Cruise, Turku - Stockholm. One of our favorite bands will join us there, hail Shade Empire!

30.9.2013 Gig ahead
Gig upcoming! 15.10. Immergo will be at Rokbar, Turku. Be There!
Check the shows section

17.9.2013 Mobile Website is up!
Mobile website is up! So get your phones and surf to or straight to the mobile site and enjoy. Cheers!

11.9.2013 Wanted: Keyboardist!
IMMERGO is looking for a new keyboardist! If you think you are up to it, send an e-mail to info(a) or by phone 050 - 57 33 008 (Matti Latikka)

6.9.2013 Site is up!
Site is up! Our first album SUNKEN WORLD can be downloaded for free on DOWNLOAD section! Payment is optional and it will be used to cover recording session fees. Your support will help us to record new material in the future!

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